(The 85th Anniversary Album)
cover11Just in time for the 85th birthday of Mikis Theodorakis (born on 29th July 1925), the production of one of the most spectacular Theodorakis album projects of the last years has been accomplished. Hamburg-based house musician Francesco Diaz, one of the pioneering and defining artists of the Ibiza sound, a man who due to his DJ-style and countless compilations has been labeled as house gourmet, has put his hands on 12 Theodorakis songs, summoned some truly outstanding musicians into his studio and produced new versions of the legendary material. Interweaving the voices of Mikis Theodorakis, Karl Frierson, Kaliopi Vetta and Petros Pandis with fresh sounds ranging from acid jazz to deep house with a soulful and sometimes funky vibe, his deep-felt love for the charismatic Greek shines through in every second of his diligent production.